Until Next Time Roma

By: Chrissy Carvalho

It’s been three days since I’ve been home from Rome and at every moment it seems like I’m supposed to be heading back to the airport to take another flight to Europe. Our travels through Italy (and to Spain) were some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. We thoroughly explored Rome, getting in the last few monuments on the last day we were there. We even saw a part of Rome a lot of people don’t when we visited the House of Storytellers, which is Shoot4Change’s home base. I will never forget the look of absolute joy on Randy’s face when we walked under an aqueduct on the way there.

Our weekend trips were probably what made our study abroad trips so different from other groups. Going through the group Bus2Alps gave us not only great guided experiences through the Amalfi Coast and Northern Italy but also allowed us to make friends with the tour guides! Our first tour guide Shields said that we were the best tour group he has ever led because we were so willing to do everything without making a fuss. I think that really sums up the 2016 Hofstra Romans well, because from our airport disaster to climbing Mt. Vesuvius there were no breakdowns or tantrums thrown, which is pretty remarkable.

Shields & The Gang at Dinner in Capri

This journey would have been of course not possible without our two amazing instructors, Randy and Professor Morosoff. On our final day of the trip when we were about to go through security at the airport in Rome, our instructor Randy had to leave us because he has other travel plans before he heads back to America. He gave the guys all a handshake and gave the girls a hug that prompted us to burst into tears. This is the only time I cried when leaving Italy, so I think it speaks volumes that parting with Randy is what caused it.

I think this trip would have not been nearly as successful or enjoyable without Randy leading us. He has done this trip several times before which allows a certain amount of ease among the students because we aren’t (usually) led astray. Randy is also always super on top of making sure reservations for tours, restaurants, etc. are all squared away. A great example of this was when we got stuck at the Irish airport on our way to Rome, and Randy was immediately on the ball getting us new flights. He also knew of great number of things to do and places to eat that I would have never found if I was planning everything myself. I’m really grateful that we had him with us.

Professor Morosoff was an irreplaceable instructor on the trip. Whenever we were in class he kept us on the ball and made sure we gave our client, Shoot4Change, the best possible product we could. Without his leadership I don’t think we would have gotten as many documents done as we did. He also was the one in contact with our client the most, which was helpful in setting up meeting and getting information from them. I’m so happy Professor Morosoff decided to come on this trip!


All in all, SCO in Rome was an absolute joy to be a part of. So many memories were made with my fellow Hofstra Romans and I can’t wait to see them all when we go back to Hofstra in the fall. Ciao Roma, grazie dell’ospitalità!


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