Back in the States

by Ashley Iadanza

I’ve been back since Saturday and have been trying so hard to avoid writing this last blog post. Every day I’ve woken up extremely confused, looking for my roommate, to then realize I wasn’t in Rome anymore. When something humorous happens, I go to turn to certain people to tell them about it, and there not around. Not to be dramatic, but there’s definitely a piece of me missing without the 10 other people I’ve grown so fond of by my side. Whenever I wrote, I took the time to tell you about the places I’ve visited, and only briefly mentioned the people I was experiencing these places with. So if you’ll indulge me, I just want everyone to know how special each individual is. Because that’s the only way I know how to be okay with writing this last post.

Chris Munno provided us with stories I’m going to be telling for years to come. But don’t worry you guys, he’s not accident prone. They just tend to happen to him a lot lol. Amy was always the one to pull me aside and remind me how important I was, that I deserved better, and to feel beautiful. Chrissy was the most understanding roommate I’ve ever had. She was understanding and was always willing to listen. Jordan was always there to provide me with a good laugh. He was probably my favorite person on this trip (shh, don’t tell the others) because all it took was for him to walk into a room to put a smile on my face. Same goes for Sara Whitman. A bundle of energy, always squealing, but she sees the beauty in everything- and thankfully, she rubbed off on me. Mitch was amazing and was always there to hold me when I cried, and caught me when I fell from running around like a headless chicken. I had known Nick for awhile before this trip, we were even really good friends for awhile. But I had grown to love and respect him so much more after this month with him. I am thankful for getting the opportunity to work so closely with him this month, because I was always learning how to be better at production work. Watch out for him you guys, he’s going places. Sarah and Lauren, to put it simply, are my soulmates. The three of us spent so much time together and it never seemed like enough time. They deserve their own blog post but for the sake of my emotions, I just need to leave it at that. Last but not least, there’s Espo. He’s probably the person I missed the most. All I can say to him is thank you for changing my life, thank you for always being there to listen. You became like a brother to me and it’s so hard not being able to just skip down the hall to annoy you whenever I want to.

I can’t end this post without a thank you to Professor Hillebrand and Professor Morosoff. Thank you for giving me my family, and for giving me such a life altering experience. I wish there was something I could do to repay you for it all.

Well, I guess this is it. Thanks for reading our blog posts, whoever you are. I hope it wasn’t too painful. I hope you were jealous, you should be.

Now, off to have that experience called senior year.

*dab* *whip and nae nae* (off into the sunset)13606459_10209738867605728_7263022028758566648_n


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