One Big Family Trip

By: Jordan Barry

It is hard to put into words what I experienced this past month in Rome. I could go on and on talking about our amazing weekend trips, working with Shoot4Change, creating the best friends you could ever ask for, and many more. Instead of writing a 500 page novel on all of that stuff, I wanted to reflect on one moment during the trip that started it all. The moment I am talking about is our journey to Rome. Our long and tiring journey to Rome started when our flight out of JFK was delayed four hours due to terrible weather, which caused us to miss our connecting flight from Dublin to Rome. With there being no other direct flights from Dublin to Rome, we had to take another connecting flight from Dublin to Paris, and then Paris to Rome. Despite the traveling aspect being pain in the butt, we, as a group, were able to connect and become fast friends. One of my favorite memories from the trip was walking out of the Rome airport talking and joking around with everyone, as if I had known them since high school. This is one of my favorite memories because within 24 hours all nine of us who flew together became one family (Amy and Sara also became part of the family once we all met up as well). This special bond that we had is what made this trip so unbelievable. And even when we are all back at Hofstra, I know we all will continue this amazing friendship we built.


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