Back to Reality

By Chris Munno

July 25, 2016

One full day left on this experience that we call SCO in ROME. It’s hard to believe and very depressing. I can’t believe that in just in three days times I won’t be waking up to my roommates who became good friends of mine on this trip. I won’t be seeing every friend I’ve made over this month’s face every single morning and night for dinner. A month where oh where has the time gone. I feel like I’ve been here only a week. This trip was able to let me live my dream of coming and living in Italy, even if it was only for a short while.

New York to Dublin to Paris finally to Rome to start the trip. In Rome the most memorable memories from the first week were the Trevi Fountain, the outside of the Pantheon. We met Shoot4Change and started working with them immediately. Oh I can’t forget everyone on every Tuesday at Randy’s apartment for dinner and a movie. Now I’ve been from Rome to Amalfi Coast (Capri, Sorrento, Positano) Vesuvious then Erculano to Naples (even if it was only a few short hours). Then back to Rome we went exploring the war memorial “wedding cake building”, L’Aquila, and  Cinecittà (as a film student visiting there was completely breath taking) what do you know the second weekend was vast approaching!

Florence one and a half days 3 nights. From exploring all around the city, to walking to the top of Piazza di Michelangelo, learning about wine, last but not least for Florence we all went to a karaoke bar. One day in Venice, where we wandered and got ourselves lost, ate take out pasta, and even had a Morano glass blowing demonstration. The last day of the weekend quickly approached we had a wine tour through tuscany where the food and wine were both to die for. Back to Rome again!


A Summer to Remember

by: Nick Boffardi

Our final week in Rome has come to its conclusion and I still can’t comprehend what an amazing experience I had. Just a short time ago I was preparing to board a plane, unaware of what was to come. Now, it’s all over and its difficult to imagine how different my summer would have been if I didn’t take this wonderful opportunity.

From our first day together, it was clear that this trip was going to be quite different from any other I had ever taken. A daylong adventure from New York to Rome, spent almost entirely in airports and on airplanes, proved that we were going to be able to handle any curve this trip threw at us. And indeed, it created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Our last week together was packed with activities including a trip to the Pantheon and a visit to Castel St. Angelo. Perhaps the most memorable night came at Etabli, our “Last Supper” if you will. Like all of our group dinners, we were served food, drinks and desserts, but this one came with a small twist. At the end of the meal, just before coffee was served, each member of the group gave a short speech about the trip. We thanked Randy and Prof. Morosoff for coordinating such a great trip and being such wonderful professors. We thanked each other and reflected on some of our favorite moments. After some laughs and some tears, we ended our night with gelato and stopped for pictures at some landmarks in the city; namely the Four Rivers Fountain in Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain.

This month was one I will not soon forget. It was absolutely wonderful to with such an amazing group of people and it was a privilege to work with Shoot4Change. The SCOinRome program has infected me with the travel bug and now I can’t wait to go back to Italy!

A Hofstra Roman goes to Paris

by Ashley Iadanza

This past weekend was definitely in the top three best weekends of my life. The other two involve watching my younger sister winning her National Championship, and the weekend I spent in Amsterdam. This past weekend, as you could probably tell by the title, I got to go to Paris. I met up with a friend there and he showed me as much as he possibly could in the two days we had to spend with each other. We mainly passed by places, like the Louvre, the Notre Dame, etc. But my favorite part of the trip was when we went inside the Opera House. Yes, the very Opera House that The Phantom of the Opera is based off of. It was absolutely magnificent, and the actually house (where the audience sits) is so small in comparison to how extravagant the rest of the theater. We also went into the museum, Musee de l’Orangerie to look at Monet’s Water Lilies.

At the end of the day, I saw the landmark that I’ve been waiting to see since I was a child. I had been seeing the Eiffel Tower all day in the distance, but it wasn’t until the end of the day where I got to be right in front of it. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was absolutely gorgeous and I was in love. I changed as a person in that very moment, it was that magical of an experience.

On our last day we took it easy walking around and running into le Tour de France and passing by the Arc de Triumphe. I was so sad to be going back to Rome but I missed my fellow Romans a lot. Thursday saying goodbye and having actual distance from them is going to be rough. But I’m going to be enjoying my last couple of days with them.

Tale of Beautiful cities

By: Jordan Barry

This past weekend, the Hofstra Romans travelled up north to, Florence, Venice, and Tuscany. As usual it was an unbelievable weekend, complete with incredible views, food, shopping opportunities, and of course tours. I found writing about this weekend to be quite hard, for the sole reason that I cannot put into words the beauty that I saw in each city. So instead of trying to explain what I saw, I thought I would give you a different perspective through the photos I took with my camera.


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